Is the Old Testament reliable?

Do you think the Old testament consists of historical facts or fictional stories? Indeed, it’s not easy to believe that these stories in the Old Testament are historical story because these stories have a lot of miracles that we cannot see nowadays such as: The huge Ark of Noah and the deluge, the giant Goliath was killed by a young boy David, Israel went through the Dead Sea,… So to answer the question, I want to you to know these things:

The Old Testament is a part of Israel’s history – a real people and still alive in the world.

We can see all the stories that had been written in the Old Testament are about Israel. And because of that, we can find these stories are a part of Israel’s history. Israel is a real nation on the earth. Moreover, The Old Testament was copied very carefully. It means nobody could add something in or remove something out. We can know the process of copying the Old Testament by Jewish scribes following this link: Therefore, the Old Testament that we read today is the Old Testament that was written in the beginning.

The Old Testament had been quoted by Jesus and His disciples in the New Testament.

According to “New Testament Use of the Old Testament,” in Revelation and the Bible ed. Carl F.H.Henry, we know that Jesus and the New Testament authors, who were Jesus’s disciple, quote various parts of the Old Testament over 295 times. [(London: Tyndale Press, 1959), pp.137-41].

Nevertheless, we may believe that Jesus was Jewish and others in the Old Testament also were Jewish who were the ancient Jewish at that time. But we don’t believe that these stories in the Old Testament are true. So maybe the Jewish just pretended and wrote their thoughts and they became a big story, a myth. The question with that perspective is why all the predicts of the prophets in the Old Testament became true and how can the Jewish thought that they will be destroyed by other nations instead of talking about a good vision for their country? How can a mythical book affect a lot of people who read it and even change their life through many centuries in many countries? Why would many people die to protect their beliefs from the myth book?…

In conclusion, through the things above I think you know my answer to the first question. The Old Testament or the whole Bible is the greatest book ever written in the world that you should try at least one time in your life to read. And I just want to remind you that we are so small to the universe to understand happened or what is happening in the world. In the same way, you cannot understand God who revealed Himself through the authors in the book by your thought. Don’t try to understand all that is beyond your reaching.



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