Is studying theology still relevant today?

When many companies started to appear in Vietnam, at that time accounting major become a “hot major.” Because of that, so many candidates decided to study accounting. But later on, when they realized that accountants were jobless and so many foreign companies needed translator. Many candidates decided to study English. Therefore the candidates will choose a major that they think they can get a job after graduation. In other words, they will follow a major that is still relevant at that time. How about theology major? Is studying theology still relevant today?

I think to answer the question: “is studying theology still relevant today?” we need to know what is theology and why we should study theology?

What is theology?

Just searching on google we will see so many definitions about theology from many sources. The longest theology definition is from Webster’s dictionary:”The science of God or of religion; the science which treats of the existence, character, and attributes of God, his laws and government, the doctrines we are to believe, and the duties we are to practice. . . the science of Christian faith and life.” And the shortest is from Millard Erickson, a modern Baptist theologian:“the study or science of God.” (Christian Theology [Grand Rapids, MI: Baker, 2001], 22). And according to theology’s name that comes from Greek, it simply means: “words about God” or “the study of God”.

Why we should study theology?

When we look at the universe, we may have a lot of questions about what did we see and even what we could not see but we can feel it. We may have a lot of questions about God who created the amazing world. Even nowaday, when science is developing, we still have something that science could not explain or could not reach to. In the other hand, we cannot know about God, his character or what do God want us to do or something like that just through science. Especially as a Christian, we want to understand and follow what Jesus told us in the beginning. But what will happen if we cannot distinguish right from wrong? What will we do if we ourselves face to someone who convinces us don’t believe in Trinity? What will we do if our disciple follow heresy and we don’t know how to explain clearly to them what is wrong in that heresy? What did Jesus tell us about these things in the Bible?…

We only can answer or understand these things when we study theology. Of course, theology also cannot show us all about God because how can we use a cup to measure an ocean.

In short, God never changes from the beginning to the end. And studying to know Him also never become obsolete because we need to know Him, to follow Him, and to keep our belief in God not for our job but for our life. Whenever we stop living we will stop studying about God.

Studying theology is still relevant today and tomorrow.



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