Expectations as I embark on a study systematic theology.

Jesus Christ is my beloved. Jesus Christ is my Savior. Jesus Christ is my best friend ever. My parents may forget me and my husband may stop loving me. A few years later, my children will have their own family. So my dear family may leave me behind or even hurt me. But my Lord will never leave me or hurt me. He is one that I really desire to learn deeply about Him. Like the lyrics of the song “I want to know you more,” one of my dreams has come true when I start to study systematic theology. That is also one of my expectations as I embark on a study on systematic theology.

Besides, I can answer some questions like: Who is the Holy Spirit? Is there a hell? How can we be saved? How should we treat each other? What does it mean to be called a righteous people? Where did the Bible come from? How has the Bible been written?… Furthermore, I want to know how I can live to fulfill his will in my life. I will have more knowledge about Trinity and another truth that the Lord revealed to us through His words so that I can realize some wrong doctrines that doctrines didn’t come from the Lord but from Satan. Nowadays, a lot of heresies appear with many doctrines that seem like the truth but actually not. We are close to the doomsday. That means we have to be more careful because apostle Paul already warned us about “hypocritical liars, whose consciences have been seared as with a hot iron.” (I Timothy 4:2). To answer these questions and to have that knowledge, my expectations will be sastisfile in systematic theology not in biblical theology. The human mind cannot help us find out these questions but the answers come from God’s revelation to us.

Let’s enjoy on systematic theology.



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